At Elite Funeral Funding, we specialize in fast and reliable life insurance assignment funding for funeral homes and their families. The relationship between a funeral home and their funding company is a partnership. We want to be your partners in funding. We will help you improve cash flow and cut down on administrative paperwork. This frees you up to invest your time where it’s needed most, taking care of the families that have entrusted you with their loved ones, while growing your business. Our service affords you the opportunity to offer your families the kind of personalized service that sets you apart from the rest.

With 20+ years of experience in the funeral funding business, our expert staff handles every detail, beginning with ensuring that all claims are thoroughly verified, and following up with the insurance company throughout the claim process.

Our goal is to have you funded within 24 hours of claim submission. With this kind of turnaround, you’re able to offer peace of mind to those you serve, that their loved one’s funeral is financially taken care of. Elite allows you to offer another invaluable service to those you already provide, without the added burden of time, staff and expenses this process normally requires.

In our efforts to save you time, we can provide pre-filled, case specific assignment forms for each claim, simply give us a call with the claim and beneficiary information and we will have the forms faxed or emailed to you in minutes. You can also print our forms from the FORMS tab of this site. Elite has a comprehensive list of insurance company claim forms on file so your families can sign the required documents all at one time. For your convenience and at your request, Elite can also make payments directly to cemeteries, if allotted for in the funeral assignment. We know how valuable your time is and chasing paperwork should not be a concern.

For your convenience, at your request, Elite can also make payments directly to cemeteries, if allotted for in the funeral assignment.

Have a question on a possible Estate issue or pre-deceased beneficiary situation? Elite’s extensive knowledge base and experience in these areas can help you find the best route to handle these issues. Give us a call, we’re here to help.

There is no substitute for experience. The funeral funding business is very unique and requires an extensive knowledge base of the insurance claim process. There are unexpected situations that can arise during an insurance claim review and Elite has the experience and the know how to foresee potential issues and protect our clients against problematic claims or in some cases, circumvent issues that arise.

Organized Team
Behind the scenes, Elite is an organized, cohesive unit. Our office has the process and technology needed to track and deliver on your funding expectations. You will always know that your claim is in capable hands and being handled in a timely manner.

Always working for you
Our Elite staff is always working for you, 24/7. Outstanding customer service is built into our DNA. We want every experience with Elite to be your best experience. And to ensure that happens, our staff is always available to be reached either on our main phone, cell phones, by email or fax. Elite brings the relationship aspect back into this industry.