When you are struggling to pay bills and still give families the best service, all while waiting for life insurance funding to come in, it can be a very stressful time. Thankfully, there is an experienced, alternative lender who can help. The Elite Funeral Funding Group is an independently-owned company that works directly with funeral homes throughout the country to help simplify the life insurance process.

With Elite Funeral Funding, you can get cash immediately, typically in less than 48 hours, instead of waiting weeks or months for the family’s life insurance policy to become payable. The money can be used for any business purpose, such as purchasing caskets, paying the cemetery and buying flowers.

The process is fast and simple. When families bring their life insurance information, you can work with the Elite Funeral Funding Group to verify coverage and complete paperwork. Then, they will give you cash, based on the value of the life insurance policy, minus a small fee for their services. With their help, you don’t have to absorb the cost of services, worry about cash flow or turn families away.

“Insurance companies don’t pay, unless a beneficiary makes a claim.” This is their stance and how the policy language is written,” said Michelle Ellis, president of Elite Funeral Funding and an expert with more than 20 of experience in the industry. “Be sure your funding company is properly researching the policies you present and that an inexperienced staff member isn’t giving you inaccurate information.”

Many times, policies that are over 15 or 20yrs old have more than likely been acquired by other companies. Sometimes the road to finding coverage isn’t as easy as making one phone call. Elite Funeral Funding has the hard earned knowledge and experience to locate and process these policies for your families. Let us do the work for you and know that the information you receive is correct.

Michelle Ellis has 20+ years of experience and is considered to be funeral funding industry expert. Michelle is happy to answer any questions you have regardless if you work with Elite Funeral Funding or not.


Michelle Ellis    President & Founder, Elite Funeral Funding Group

(954) 233-5559 michelle@elitefuneralfunding.com




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