Press Release

Sunrise, Florida

Elite Funeral Funding, an African American owned funding company, has announced that sales results for the month of May 2018 have been the best in its history, continuing its exceptional growth.  Elite is on track to do over $25 million in funeral assignments in 2018. At its current rate, Elite will make the Inc 500 list of fastest growing US companies in 2019.

Elite President, Michelle Ellis, commented on the exceptional results, “I really thank our clients, the funeral homes, for giving us the chance to serve them. Elite is a family business and everyone in the office is really dedicated to providing exceptional service that, I think, only an experienced team can provide. I have been in this business for over 20 years and to me, the most important part of our success rests on our ability to be as expeditious as possible in our claim handling process. We continually train our team to be more customer focused and knowledgeable. We credit our exceptional growth to our loyal customers, we are all so thankful that they continue to work with us.”

Elite Vice President, Marcia Lindsay also commented, “in our office, we are all like family. We believe in one thing and that is serving our clients is our #1 goal every day. Our clients have often commented to me about our exceptional turnaround time and our ability to problem solve in an instant. Our pledge to our clients is that they will always have the pleasure of getting someone live on the phone which is the way business should be. I think our team just really enjoys doing a great job for our clients because we all know that the better we do, the better our funeral homes can care for their families.”

To contact Elite Funeral Funding:

Main Phone: 888-265-1892 ext:101
After hours line: 954-233-5559
Fax: (954) 233-5024

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