At some funeral funding companies, you get stuck with a junior staff member who does not have experience working with all kinds of claims. Due to high turnover, most of the people you will deal with at big corporations have very little experience.

“With my 20 years of experience in the industry, I have seen no system, computers or processes that matter as much as expertise,” said Michelle Ellis, president of Elite Funeral Funding. “There are so many unique situations that can occur. Only someone who has personally handled thousands of cases, will recognize the red flags and lead you in the right direction.”

Your funding company needs to protect you from bad claims

One of the basic functions of the funeral funding industry, along with advancing funds, is to help protect funeral homes from bad claims. When you accept insurance, you should do so with the confidence that your funding company has done their due diligence to protect all parties.

Big corporations have many divisions where the staff is often disconnected from one another. As a result, they have not developed a culture of caring or an eye for spotting potential issues.

At smaller, independent funeral financing firms, experienced decision-makers are involved in every aspect of the business. With individualized attention, you will know that they understand your challenges, pay attention to detail and take your business seriously. Verifying coverage isn’t always as easy as one phone call.

Your funding fees shouldn’t be a guessing game

When you are busy providing the best service to your families in their time of need, the last thing you should have to worry about is a confusing fee structure or additional PER CLAIM “service or admin” charges from your funeral financing company.

Is your current funding company nickel- and-diming you? It all adds up to you paying more than you bargained for over time.

When you work with an experienced firm, they will have established relationships with the insurance companies and the competence to handle any type of claim at the same low rate. Your funding experience should be as simple and uncomplicated as possible.

To learn more, or to get fast cash now to help your funeral business, contact Michelle Ellis. Michelle has 20+ years’ of experience and is a funeral funding industry expert. She is happy to answer any questions you have regardless if you work with Elite or not.   


Michelle Ellis, President and Founder, Elite Funeral Funding Group

(888) 265-1892

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